Critical Need

Every city, every hospital and every ward is a complex microbial ecosystem influenced by people, antibiotics and neighbouring ecosystems.  Every day, doctors make prescription decisions that are blind to these ecosystems and how they behave.  For the first time Spokade offers complete transparency into these ecosystems in real time. Spokade rings in a new era in microbial monitoring.

Antibiotic Resistance

  • Drug resistant bacteria MRSA, KPC and new strains occurring
  • Infection frequency and spread rates Sepsis kills more than breast and bowel cancers
  • Severe infections and deaths Minor infections may soon be untreatable - no new drugs
  • Financial costs ~USD$34 Billion/year in US (Infectious Diseases Society of America)

A Global Problem


Significant gaps
"Effective surveillance is the cornerstone of national & international efforts to control antimicrobial resistance.”

While bacteria become drug resistant in seconds, research into them (using currently available tools) is taking months or even years!

Spokade Solution

Powerful Translational Antimicrobial Resistance Software delivering real-time insights

  • Next generation tools
    • Analysis
    • Surveillance
    • Anti-resistence
  • Knowledge base
    • From Gram-negative to all bacteria
    • Future: Viruses
  • Surveillance
    • Health Systems
    • Geographically
    • Real-time

Real-time Insights

  • Reduce Spread Early warning systems for emerging resistances and infection control
  • Increase Effectiveness Prescription accuracy targeting the most appropriate antibiotic: local context and time
  • Prolonged Utility Weaken antibiotic resistance selection pressures through strategy antibiotic stewardship

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